Corporate History

DOS based, Pascal code generator Ver 1.x, 1989
Incorporated as Insight Custom Software, Inc. 1990

Insight Custom Software

First networked database application, 1991
DOS based GUI, 1991
First PLC interface, 1991
Code Generator for C++, 1992
Fact Tree Search methodology, 1993
First Windows application, 1994
Code Generator for Windows Apps, 1995
First Oracle application in 1996
Renamed to The iSET Group, Inc, 1996

The iSET Group

Code Generator for Oracle Apps, 1997
AS-400 Interface, 1997
3-Tiered Socket App Servers, 1998
PL/SQL, 1998
First web site in 1999
C++ Builder applications, 2000
Code Generator Version 9.x, 2000
C++ Code Generator, Oracle, 2001
C++ Code Generator, MSSQL, 2002
OOP Code Generator, 2004
OOP Code Generator w/ Oracle OCI, 2005
Code Generator for PHP, 2008
PHP against MSSQL or MySQL, 2008
HMTL EMail management, 2008
Integrated export to ExCell, 2009
MMSQL Stored Procedures, 2009
Code Generator C++ on MySQL, 2010


The iSET Group - 5150 Alexandria Dr. - Grandville, MI 49418