Database Design is the foundation of every good software system.  Software development starts with aggressive and effective analysis of the data to be managed, and the structure with which the data must be organized in order to meet the business requirements.

The next step is User Interface Design.  It is here where rapid software development techniques play such a vital role.  iSET's proven development tools and automation can generate user interface options very quickly, so that users can confirm the validity of the Database Design.

This End User Validation step leads to new discoveries about the information itself, and yields greater insight into the nature of the problem and an optimal solution.

At iSET, theses steps in the process are so efficient and cost effective that it is possible to repeat the process - perhaps even hundreds of times - until the database design and user interface are solidified into the best possible solution.

One almost needs to experience this iterative approach in order to fully realize the associated benefits.

It is no longer necessary to have a perfect "Project Specification" before anyone can get started on the work.

And, the end users are involved early and continually.  No more programmers working too long "in the dark" without end user feedback.

By rapidly implementing a Data Design, the associated User Interface, and then obtaining End User Validation on that design, it is possible to truly develop a software system into what software should be - a solution - not a hindrance.


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